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The Devil Nextdoor

The Devil Nextdoor

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Union Editorial is headquartered in Los Angeles, New York, and Austin. Union is a multimedia company creating first-rate fiction & non-fiction content for various distribution venues. Founded in 2003 as a post and finishing house, Union has steadily amassed, writing, directing, and developing content to its repertoire.

Union’s recent productions include producing and editing Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, an AppleTV+ Original feature documentary that premiered as the opening night film at AFI in November 2022, editing on Harry & Meghan – Netflix’s biggest ever documentary debut in December 2022. Co-directing, editing, and producing Orgasm, Inc: The Story of OneTaste for Netflix. editing and producing a Netflix top five, Sins of Our Mother, doc series. The development and sale of Always Jane, an Amazon Original documentary series; editing and producing on Introducing, Selma Blair; a feature documentary, directed by Rachel Fleit, which premiered at DocNYC in 2021 and aired on Discovery+; producing and editing on high-profile Netflix documentary series, House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths, which received critical acclaim in fall 2021. Editing on feature narrative Violet, which had its premiere at SXSW in 2021. Executive producing and editing on A Beautiful Curse, which won the Grand Jury prize at Cinequest in Spring 2021 and has been steading on the global festival circuit since.

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