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Chris Huth’s Spot for YETI chosen AdWeek’s Ad of the Day

Skateboard Legend Stacy Peralta Directs Gorgeous Yeti Ads About Life’s Unexpected Paths, edited by Chris Huth and Union Editorial

In a new series of long-form spots for gear brand Yeti, director Stacy Peralta—best known as a co-founder of the iconic Powell-Peralta skateboard company and for his films about skate culture—captures the thoughts, hopes and uncertainties of those who seek purpose and transformation in the outdoors.

The spot was edited by Chris Huth. Caryn Maclean was Executive Producer and Susan Motamed was Producer out of our NYC office.

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“It’s all about trying to keep the human touch. Just keep the human touch,” Peralta says. “So when I approach jobs like this Yeti campaign, it’s about how do we bring out the most human part of Robin, the most human part of Oliver?”

Peralta, Yeti and Giant Spoon wanted to create stories that, above all, humanized the brand ambassadors and helped viewers identify with them—rather than feeling intimidated by talent or envious of a jet-setting lifestyle.

“The consumer wants more nowadays. They want to know authentic storytelling,” Goldie says. “They want you to get into their lives and have empathy. That’s the beauty of this brand. Yes, we have incredible products that work hard and are unbelievable, but at the end of the day, it provides enjoyment. It allows you to have more time in your life to pursue the things that are important to you.”