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Rachael Waxler helps 72andSunny change things up for Carl’s Jr

Following a seemingly endless stream of ads following the supermodel in skimpy outfit formula, including its recent “The Most American Thing Ever,” 72andSunny change things up with two new ads for Carl’s Jr promoting the chain’s Ding Dong Ice Cream Sandwich (made with the Hostess treat) and Grilled Pork Chop Biscuit.


While it would be jumping the gun to assume Carl’s Jr. has abandoned the tired supermodel approach (but we can hope, right?), it’s nice to see 72andSunny offer up a reprieve from the typical sexual objectification. Notably, the ads promote products other than the chain’s burgers, so it’s likely we’ll see more of the same when the chain returns to its more familiar offerings. For now though, the simplistic product-centric approach of “Steam” and “Eclipse” is definitely an improvement.

LA Times

Carl’s Jr. ads are known for featuring supermodels in bikinis holding a juicy burger with ketchup dripping down their perfectly shaped chins and onto their perfectly toned bodies. Kate Upton, Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian have all been featured eating hamburgers in the commercials. And now, it’s Michael Voltaggio’s turn.

Voltaggio, chef at the Melrose Avenue restaurants ink and ink.sack (ink was No. 15 on Jonathan Gold’s 101 best restaurants last year), and the winner of “Top Chef” Season 6, stars in the new Carl’s Jr. ad for the fast food chain’s steakhouse burger, which includes fried onion strings, A.1. sauce and blue cheese.