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Union’s Jim Haygood Edits an Unreal Movie for Deutsch and Taco Bell

Directed by Joseph Kosinski of Reset, spot will run on air and in cinemas

Why doesn’t Taco Bell have fries? In the trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist, Josh Duhamel plays a father determined to cut through a “Web of Fries” to find the truth. The new ad, edited by Jim Haygood of bicoastal Union, and created via Deutsch, parodies the suspense genre was a means of introducing Taco Bell’s new #nachofries, coming January 25. The project was directed by Reset’s Joseph Kosinski. A :60 airs during this weekend’s NFC Championship Game. :15, :30 and :90 versions will run on TV, with the :90 also screening in cinemas.


Client: Taco Bell
Agency: Deutsch
Chief Creative Officer, North America: Pete Favat
Executive Creative Director: Brett Craig
Creative Director: Ken Slater
Creative Director: Rich Ford
Associate Creative Director: Marcus Cross
Associate Creative Director: John Baker
Senior Art Director: Jamie Kiersted
Copywriter: Bobby O’Neill
Production Company: Reset
Director: Joseph Kosinski
Managing Director: Dave Morrison
Executive Producer/Bidding: Jen Beitler
Editorial Company: Union Editorial
Editor: Jim Haygood


Taco Bell has long been one of TV’s most ubiquitous advertisers. But it’s conquering that screen with something straight out of the movies.

The fast-food chain best known for items like the Cheesy Gordita Crunch and Cinnamon Twists recently sparked attention for its newest menu item – Nacho Fries – with a TV commercial that looks just like a sneak preview a viewer might see at the local bijou. The nonexistent film depicted in the spot is called “Web of Fries,” and stars actor Josh Duhamel as a man consumed with bringing fries seasoned with Mexican spices and dipped in warm nacho cheese to greater renown – only to find “the burger people” will do anything they can to block him. Taco Bell sold 53 million orders of the new offering in the first five weeks of the campaign.