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Union Is Open and Streaming…

As the world struggles to respond to the onslaught of the coronavirus, we at Union are working hard to ensure the safety and viability of our staff. working remotely, sourcing found and existing footage, sharing content with creatives and collaborators and delivering finished spots. Everything Union has to offer is now streaming real-time from us to you. Edit, Mix, Motion Graphics, Finish and VFX. These are extraordinary times. We will get through this together.

- The Union Team

Remote Resources

Remote Editing

Union Editors and Assistants are using live streaming technology to best collaborate with our clients. We are using both Evercast and Zoom for client sessions.

• Live edits with clients
• 128-bit AES encryption, strongest content security
• Studio approved security
• 1080p HD resolution for live session viewing
• Up to 8 participants per session
• Annotations and notes live on screen
• Sessions can be recorded at our client’s discretion

Sourcing of Material

Union keeps a vast searchable library of licensable stock footage that can be easily accessed. The materials are cleared for usage saving both time and money.

We also have relationships with some less widely known stock companies that can source footage others do not have available.

Color, Online, VFX, Motion Graphics

Color, Compositing, Online and Finish are handled by our multiple Flames and Lustre across the offices, which are securely connected via Streambox to any clients computer, tablet or phone. Live, low latency streaming with 128-bit AES encryption is provided to ensure the strongest content security.

Our award winning motion graphics team is also available remotely to create type design or motion graphics as a complementary element or a stand-alone piece of content.

Sound Design / Mix

Our sound designers and mixers are also operating remotely with the industry standard Source-Connect available for remote uncompressed VO sessions and full surround sound mix capabilities.

Mixes and VO record can be streamed real time so creatives can approve final elements quickly and save valuable time with talent. We also offer remote record systems that can be sent to talent if they do not have access to a recording booth.

Remote Capabilities

Union is open for remote business in LA, NY and TX. Although new production has been delayed due to the coronavirus, there are still many opportunities to engage and collaborate with the Union team coast-to-coast. The seamless integration between offline, graphics, finish and mix creates a workflow that allows for timely delivery of content. New content development from existing footage, user generated content (UGC) and VFX are all great options.