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Union Entertainment

Union Entertainment Group (UEG) is a production and film financing company that develops and produces Film and TV properties with major production companies within the entertainment industry. Since its creation in late 2011, UEG has been an active partner on such films as Hello I Must Be Going, Every Secret Thing, Buffalo Girls, Sound of My Voice, Freakonomics: The Movie, Hateship/Loveship, BMS: The Rise of Thadland, X/Y, Nightingale, Janis: Little Girl Blue, and 478 with partners HBO, Warner Brothers, Magnolia Pictures, Anonymous Content and Killer Films.

“UEG’s goal is to work with and cultivate relationships with the top storytellers and artists in the industry. Our focus is on creating unique, entertaining and compelling projects within an environment that is supportive of our filmmakers and partners.” -SVP, Noah C Haeussner

Noah Haeussner

Head of Entertainment / Features


Midas Von Haeussner

Executive Assistant