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Chris Huth

Editor Christopher Huth has joined the staff of bicoastal Union Editorial. Known for affecting stories that span the spectrum of human emotion, Huth edited AICP Best in Show honoree “Dear Sophie” for Google Chrome via BBH and Google Creative Labs, and 2016 Cannes Direct Gold Lion-winner Pantene “DadDo” via Grey, directed by Pam Thomas. He recently completed anthem spots for Tempurpedic (via Hill Holliday, directed by Josh Taft) and USPS (via McCann, directed by Henry Alex Rubin), as well as a short film for Chicco (via Mullen, directed by John X. Carey).

Source, Extreme Reach

“When looking to expand our roster, we naturally seek out amazing talent, but Chris had something special. I knew he would be a great fit, because of his warmth and charm,” said Union Partner/Executive Producer Caryn Maclean. “We pride ourselves on the outstanding group of people we have put together. Union is a unique place. Everyone works together, and collaboration is a big part of what we do. I am really fortunate to be able to surround myself with people I like and respect. I felt that way about Chris instantly.”